Monday, May 9, 2011

Brainstorming for Your Kakau part 2

This is the second half and solution to the kakau I began in part 1
to review:

In writing your story hear are some questions to ask your self. I answered the questions to show the how a kakau chain of thoughts can flow.
Focus: I am always amazed at how much she accomplished and that is was quality work. I want to focus on her(my great-grandmother’sr) excellence and that I will strive for excellence in reaching my goals.

Solution:  How do I capture her essence and honor her accomplishments?
I chose to use:
1.        a hala design for her skills as a weaver and quilter
2.        a haukiuki for her knowledge of gathering  ocean resources (salt, limu, wana ect.)

Placement:  I do most of my work with my hands so this is designed to wrap my forearm, more specifically my left forearm. The body in Hawaiian thought is spit into several zones one of them being the right side on the body is male and the left side is female.

My next blog will be about body placement theories and guidelines....