Monday, April 18, 2011

Brainstorming for Your Kakau part 1

In writing your story here are some questions to ask yourself. I answered the questions to show how a kakau chain of thoughts can flow.
1.        What  the purpose of the design? I want a family tattoo.
2.        Which side of your family and where were they from? My mother's side and from Huelo, Maui
3.        Is this side of your family known for being ocean or mountain people? The person I would like the design to be about is my great grand-mother. She was very knowledgeable at gathering from the ocean: limu, salt, opihi ect. She was also a paniolo and enjoyed her whiskey. She was a Hawaiian quilter and lauhala weaver.
4.        What aspect or trait would you like to focus on? I am always amazed at how much she accomplished and that is was quality work. I want to focus on her excellence and that I would like a kakau to show my commitment to strive for excellence in reaching my goals.
5.        What plants, animals, places, come to mind that would embody this trait? I will focus on ocean plants and ocean animals that I am familiar with and have researched...

I will do some research in the next few days and post the results in part 2.